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Dana Neilson

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Portraits of a Fjord Town.

Portraits of a Fjord Town is a series of investigations about material, process and the things collected along the way. It is inspired by the natural landscape, the origins of ceramic glazes and a personal attraction to rock collections. Dana Neilson’s exhibition introduces an exploration of ceramic material from inception to finale, from picking up stones to ceramic sculptures,and includes photographs, maps, material tests and found objects. This exhibition questions the common idea that the final art piece is the most important or valuable part of an art practise, and highlights the process as just as provoking and relevant. This series of work was created while Artist in Residence at Skaftfell Center for Visual Art in Iceland.

Vernissage onsdag 27.2 kl. 17–19.

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Galleri Strandkasernen
Sveaborg C 1
00190 Helsingfors
09-673 140

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